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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Hey everyone!! I have been gone for soo-oo long! Let me update you on whats going on. I am now 28, (knocking on 30s door) I am no longer a flight attendant. I now work as a financial aid counselor at a Southwest Tennesee Community College. I am no longer attending CRID. Can you guess where I will be attending?? Southwest Tennessee Community College!!..lol. So, I am having to retake Medical Terminology and Legal Terminology. Medical Terminology starts at the end of next month. The great thing is now that I work at the school that I will be attending is DISCOUNT!! woot*woot* And then Theory will start up in the fall along with another class. So-oo I am completely motivated again..yes again! I have been reading over raw notes and looking over my old material. I'm hoping that I can stay ahead and move through these tests quickly.

But one more thing I should mention. (wait for it)...I'm 6 months pregnant! Yes, you read correctly, baby Gabrielle is due July 27th. So this "wanna be" superwoman will be holding down a full time job, part time school, and a newborn baby! For those of you who pray, send one up for me :) Luckily, I do have a WONDERFUL fiance, that knows the potential of this career and is on board for my hectic schedule. So lets start this blog up again, and see what happens. Ya girl is going to be a Certified Court Reporter!! Thats it until next time :) Leave me a comment anytime.

By the way, I have been reading everyone's blog while I was gone. So good luck to all of the students on this journey, we can do this!!

Rookie Writer signing off :)

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  1. Welcome back to fray and congrats on your pregnancy. Best of luck!