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Saturday, August 21, 2010

End of Week 8 and I'll be working late!

Hey all! So its the end of week 8, and I have a lot of catching up to do. I hate this!! I said I wasnt going to procrastinate and here I am again, trying to cram in everything and turn it in by midnight. I've decided that I'm going to write down a daily schedule to keep me on track and see how that works out. As always I added something else to my "To Do List." I got a gym membership this week so now "Operation Hot Body"  will start next week. I just need to prioritize and stick to it. I just took my medical terminology text and got a 92 on it. As long as I stay in the A range on all of my tests I'll be happy.(which I have done) So I have 4 weeks left in this semester..woo hoo!! I just have to do beter and spread my work out during the week and not cram at the end. So tonight I will be trying to master the 'ED' ending and the 'ING' ending. We will see how this goes and all of my work for the week has to be turned in my midnight tonight. That means I have about 10 lessons to complete...uugggh...such a procrastinator! I have to do better in order to be one of the best! Hope everyone out there had a great week and stayed cool. It was super hot here in Memphis. Week 9.....must...do...better! I'm sure there are some spelling errors and over use of commas in this blog as well :/

Rookie writer signing out!!...gotta burn the midnight oil to get all of my work down.
Buh bye buh bye now!

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