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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still Here :)

Hey everyone~

   Even though school hasnt started back for me yet, Im still reading blogs, websites and practicing on my machine. I have come to the realization that there are not enough hours in the day..lol. So I try to practice for a few minutes before I leave for work, it might only be 10-15 minutes, but I try. Then, after I get the baby to bed I practice for a few good hours. However, once school starts back next month I will set my alarm to wake up 2 hours early to ensure that I get some focused practice before work. I've been really trying to get my Theory down so I can be ahead or at least wont struggle once I get in class. I just checked my Theory class roster and its only myself and one other student. As long as they dont cancel my class, I am completely fine with that.
   Oh! I am in soo-oo many groups on facebook that encourage and support court reporters and students and sooo many people are passing tests and certifications. I am so happy for everyone! When I get a chance I will list all of the groups I am in, so you all can join. YIPPEE!!  I cant wait until I am posting about my progress. I also figured that even when I dont have anything to write about I will try to find something motivational to post or say. I'm also loving watching all the youtube vidoes of court reporting students and their journey. I was thinking about doing my own videos, but like I said there are not enough hours in the day anymore..lol. If I get a chance, I might try and do a couple of videos every now and then ;)
          Hope everyone has a happy and safe holidays :)

Rookie writer signing off :)

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