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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've stayed away too long, again.

Hey everyone~

Let me update y'all! So, my Theory class was scheduled to start on January 17th. On January 17th, it was ..CANCELLED!! It was cancelled due to low enrollment, apparently, a class has to have 5 or more students for it to continue. I was so dissapointed! I actually cried when I got home from work. So I posted on facebook, and recieved so much encouragement from everyone. So...I dusted my self off and started searching for other possibilities. My teacher emailed me and said that she is going to offer the class again in August. August?!?!? I guess I could have waited until August, but I didnt. I was tired of waiting. So I asked around, did some research and now I enrolled at the college of Court Reporting. I love it!!! I had heard so many positive things, so I decided to go for it!! So far so good :) My teacher is great! She actually called me, to check on me. WOW! However, I did start off with Phoenix theory, and the school teaches the moody method, but it seems similar. I dont think I will have any problems. I am so motivated to do this!! Also, I got an alert on my phone from the discussion board for school. A graduate student was selling some of her stuff. I immediately contacted her and now I have Mark's Theory book, 20-30 tapes/CDs, and some Briefs books coming. What a blessing?!? I am setting myself up for success. You know, everything happens for a reason. What if my class hadnt been cancelled? But maybe Theory 2 wouldnt have had enough students, or my speed building class wasnt full. I would be at a stand still again. God works in mysterious way :) So maybe by the middle or end of the year, I will be in speed building class. This goal is achievable, with hard work and discipline.

Oh, I cannot express how great the court reporting groups on facebook are :) I am in a bunch of them, but all are so helpful and encouraging. Honestly, my groups are the only reason that I even get on facebook anymore.

I am going to try very hard to keep my blog updated. maybe this can be encouragement to other students, and when I become a court reporter, I can look back and see how far I have come.

So keep checking back. And I'll keep writing :) No matter how it looks, the glass is always half full!! My glass runneth over at the moment..lol


  1. HI, that poem I read is so inspiring and I always read it when I feel low. Thank you for sharing that.

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  2. Hey ya. You are radiating positivity :) Seriously, just want to give you a high five. You go, girl !

  3. I love your determination and positive attitude. It can be hard to get back into classes, especially when things go wrong. That is crazy that the class was cancelled. Good for you for being proactive and finding another way to do what you want. www.pulone.com